The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep. 20)

On the last episode of this podcast series I wonder about types of yoga and the importance of choosing what suits you best, according to your needs, your feel and what you expect to get from practicing yoga. I travel through different types of yoga practice in an attempt to find the one that suits me best...

The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep. 18)

An urban girl falling in love with the countryside, cherishing the nature and the wild, playing with the nature sounds and feeling more grateful than ever. Does it make sense? 

Probably not but this urban girl with a crush for the ocean is slowly converting herself to something hard to describe that she can only understand through yoga. Have you ever wondered what might happen to your heart if you start practicing yoga?

The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep. 17)

How do you find the time to practice yoga?... 
Based on a instagram post from a couple of days ago, on today's episode I'm exploring the idea that you don't have to find the time for it as you start practicing, yoga starts finding you...

Thank you so much to those who follow and mostly, to those who take the time to comment my posts! Find out how and why pressing the play button. Namaste ♡

The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep. 16)

Gratitude is a fancy-trendy-cool word to express our inner feeling of appreciating something done or received. If used with an hashtag it's also a show-off that can place you among others, even if you can't truly recognise it. I know it because for some time I had an incredible trouble to actually feel grateful for a n y t h i n g. I felt thankful which isn't exactly the same. It was yoga who helped me resonating the true meaning of gratitude and I couldn't be more grateful for it. To yoga and to those who have been part of my life leading me to find this amazing practice. Namaste.

Background music: Honeyfeet - Sinner (Envee Remix)

The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep. 15)

On today's episode I'm sharing my experience with Carla Ferraz, a certified coach by the International University of Yoga, concerning High-Performance & Mindfulness. I've been practicing yoga with her for the couple of months and it has been an incredible experience. She helps you through the full practice while allowing you to grow and become self-sufficient in your practice and challenging you all the way. It's been an amazing journey which I'm very grateful for.

Thank you Carla ♡

Background song: Bon Iver, Re Stacks

The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep. 13)

From where I stand, I see room for many improvements in this picture ... More engaged tights, core and butt and a longer back, instead of this sort of camel back!

This is yoga: constant improvement with less judgment. What I post on social media is meant to inspire and share a journey, it’s not part of a competition or defined for showing off. These aren’t pics of my real practice, it’s usually something I do with no warm up to illustrate how yoga is important to my life!


SONG: Kendrick Lamar, bitch don't kill my vibe

The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep. 12)

Today I decided to go bold and recorded this episode at the park. My #lovelyRita was playing close to me while I was minding my own business and staring at the horizon... I started practicing yoga, using it as a way to visualize and explain to you how to introduce yoga in your daily life.
The sound isn't amazing and you can hear all sort of background noises that surrounded me at the park but it might be worth listening to if you're trying to start practicing yoga and don’t know how and where to start!

I can tell you that even if I was recording it, it still was pretty relaxing...

The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep.9)

What do you when you feel that urge to escape the urban jungle? 
Yoga might help and that's what I've been doing for the last couple of months. 
If your desperate to finding balance, chasing peace in the urban jungle against your taste paced urban lifestyle, take a listen: I'm sharing 3 escape ideas without you moving to a beach shack...

The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep. 8)

There’s one thing that scares me like hell. That one that resonates like no other does: are we making the right decision? We never now if the choice is right but still, we must keep moving. The power to say NO is absolutely challenging and invigorating. I used to accept a lot of things that I didn't really want until the day I as able to say no, thanks. I am not interested. 
When did you last say NO to something you don't want, to be able to say YES to something you really want?...

Try it: take a listen and get some thoughts on the power to say NO ♡

The magical: how yoga changed my life (ep. 6)

On todays episode...

I saw it coming and decided to be bold and make an unusual choice. I didn’t quit my job, moved to Bali or, contrary the monk, I had no Ferrari to sell. But I changed so much in the last 3 years that I feel the need to spread the word and help others who might feel as I once felt, telling the world that it’s up to you, by changing small aspects of your life that turn into a real change...

The magical: Yoga changed my life (ep. 2)

What makes us feel happy, focused and motivated?

I never new and I always got engaged in many things at the same time, probably as a way to fulfil myself, to prove myself that I could even if, at some point, I had no idea of what I was doing.

Was I making the right decisions? We never know.

There's one decision, though, that made all the difference: yoga.

The Magical: Yoga changed my life

Somehow, I experienced the evolution, trends and changes of the fitness industry for the last twenty years. From ballet to urban dance, step and aerobics, intensive training, stretching and barre workouts I met the most popular and exquisite fitness programs, with incredible teachers and mentors. It was never fulfilling enough, until the day I practiced yoga and found myself trusting in life again.

So here I am, filter free, learning daily and willing to share my practice as heart’s calling. Yes, there's magic in opening our heart, as the light we are seeking is within our hearts.