Vou só ali parecer fit e volto já

Porque tudo depende do ângulo da fotografia, esta modelo de fitness mostra que também ela pode ter imperfeições e que a maioria das fotografias que encontramos no instagram não correspondem 100% à realidade. O que é, hoje, a realidade neste contexto social? A realidade real ou a que queremos mostrar? Quem arrisca publicar fotografias com mau ângulo ou refegos? Pois.

Sometimes I look like the pic on the left, sometimes times I look like the pic on the right. - I don't always have abs or look lean and I'm never "perfect". . So many people are aiming for this idea of "perfection"... but what exactly is perfection? I used to beat myself up for not being perfect (whatever that is). I'd actually feel like my "worth" was less if I didn't look a certain way. My goal at one stage was to get rid of my belly fat so that when I sat I'd have no "rolls" - now I see how ridiculous and superficial I was being. Yes there's no denying, I like to look good, as most people do but it's not healthy when it becomes an obsession and your "self worth" is attached to your appearance. . I've just returned from being overseas for a month. I ate what I wanted and enjoyed it, I also gained a bit of extra body fat which isn't a big deal because my lifestyle nowadays isn't about restricting myself & I like it that way. 😝#noregrets . Life isn't perfect and neither are we. I love myself no matter how I look and it's this self love that motivates me to make changes in my life so I can feel my best... like exercising and eating nutritious food (& treats for mental health hehe). 😝 . I was once sitting at a fitness shoot and was told by someone (while pointing at my belly) "Fitness models don't have belly rolls when they sit" - I was so upset about this & felt so inadequate and this only led to me being more obsessed with being "perfect" or as "lean" as I could be. Nowadays I know better. My priority is how I feel mentally and physically and I won't sacrifice that to look a certain way OR to get the approval from anyone else! . Please consider what goes into a photograph you see online or in magazines... and also what goes into looking a certain way, for example; posing, angles, lighting & even photoshopping! A lot of what we see in these images is not "healthy" or "realistic" and comparing ourselves will never do us any good. Focus on your health - mental and physical and focus on being YOUR best. . #perfectnever .

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