After the BREXIT, here comes EUREXIT?

The question is: where to, Europe?

Some claim the end of Europe and I believe that Europe, as we still think about it has ended a long time ago. Terrorism is just one face of dismantled Europe. The harder one. Saddest and terrible to see. I'm writing from that peaceful shinny corner of Europe where life runs smoothly even with economic, social, political and cultural issues to be solved. It is a peaceful corner, above all. We're a bunch of nice and warm people who keep talking evil about each other but rarely going beyond words and their real sense.

Madrid. London. Paris. Nice. But also Brussels. Remember Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey, to name the closest ones? Not to mention everything else happening in the Middle East? To be accurate, around the world...

We are definitely reaching the tipping point.

Are we all still #jesuischarlie?